Aastra 4224


The Aastra Dialog 4224 Operator telephone is specifically designed for the needs of operators working with MD110 and BusinessPhone PBXs. Designed to provide full switchboard access and functionality, Dialog 4224 Operator Phones support advanced system functions that are required for operator configurations.

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The Dialog 4224 Operator terminal is a compact and cost-effective alternative for smaller organizations, such as departments or small remote offices. The terminal is the same size as the Dialog 4225 digital telephone with a large, six-row graphical backlit display and a conventional numeric keypad. The keys that are most frequently used have been enlarged. Such ergonomic design combined with advanced operator functionality and ease-of-use, makes this terminal the perfect choice for the small office.


  • A five-row adjustable graphical display
  • 12 function keys with LEDs
  • 4 large Clear and Speech keys with LEDs
  • 1 large Answer/Extend key
  • Headset port (with dedicated headset switching key)
  • Programmable ringer loudness and tone character
  • Adjustable foot console.
  • Easy to mount on wall.
  • Hearing impaired support with amplification ( 6db)


Aastra 4224


Aastra 4224


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